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Second-hand goods

When you buy a second-hand good from a business, it must be fit for the purpose for which it was sold and as described to you.  In addition, the quality must be of an expected standard according to the price you paid for it.   Second-hand goods cannot be expected to be of the same standard as new ones and they may have imperfections or show signs of wear and tear.  As a result, they need to be examined carefully before purchase and consumers should ask the retailer to point out any damage.  The item should do what it is expected to do and, if it does not, you have the right to return it and request a replacement, repair or refund.

In contrast, when you buy an item from another consumer – either new or second-hand – then you have no consumer rights, as consumer legislation only applies when you are buying from a business.  In a private sale, conducted either in person or online, the item merely has to be owned by the seller and fit its description.   In this instance, it is a case of buyer beware and it is up to the consumer to check out the item before buying.



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